LeukoChek™ Test Kit


Now available to replace BD Unopette™Complete Test Kit for the Microscopic Counting of Leukocytes in Whole Blood and Body FluidsThe BMP LeukoChek™ Test Kit for the microscopic counting of leukocytes and platelets in whole blood was developed to replace the discontinued Unopette from Becton, Dickinson and Company. Leukocyte and platelet count procedures are performed exactly the same as with the BD Unopette.

  • Independently tested and confirmed to produce equivalent results to the discontinued BD Unopette
  • Tested to CLIA guidelines
  • Full Validation Study available
  • Replaces BD Unopette numbers 365854/365855
  • Product is heat sensitive and has an expiration date
  • Products with expiration date cannot be returned

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item nameLeukoChek™ Test Kit
units per package50
units per case9
package typePack